Better Political Conversations – Is it Possible

“Communication is downright hard at times but at least we’re still talking to one another…”


Since the start of modern-day politics, which is the beginning of 24-hour news, The nation has steadily grown farther and farther apart.


As you will hear in the video below, the thesis is that we can eventually reverse our current state of politics if we just learn how to talk with one another.


Watch the video and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.



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United States of Reality Show Politics

The first six months of the Trump Administration, if judged by normal standards, have been a disappointment to say the least.  Whether it’s the President or his staff talking about healthcare policies that meet his campaign rhetoric or revamping the tax system so it can work for everyone or speaking of the civil rights of minorities  in this country, the Administration has been a dismle failure to this point.


Now if we judge the President and his Administration on reality show standards, by God he is head and tails above the rest!


The question is do we want a country run like a reality show or do we want an imperfect nation striving to be more perfect based on standards that have been tweaked well over 200 years.


I argue that while America can stand some change, we do not need to go to the lowest common denominator. If we stay on this reality show mantra of the current Administration, we will ultimately go the way of most of the people that “star” in these shows…forgotten and used up.


Our troubles, in my opinion, can all be traced to a single word called gerrymandering.


For those not aware of what this practice is, let me take directly from Dictionary.com which defines it as:



U.S. Politics. the dividing of a state, county, etc., into election districts so as to give one political party a majority in many districts while concentrating the voting strength of the other party into as few districts as possible.


Both parties have been guilty of this but the Republican Party in various states have become experts at this over many years. I live in Texas and I can remember Tom Delay, who used to be the U.S. House of Representatives majority leader, working on this with full force within the State to great affect.  Republicans across our nation took that example and have replicated it in state after state.  The result of which is the coarsening of our politics to focus on wedge issues rather than issues that have the ability to lift the poorest among the citizenry.


While we focus on whether we support same sex marriage or not, or whether we support abortion or not, or whether we support the wall or not we miss opportunities to work on a tax system that is fair to each citizen, figuring out how to make healthcare affordable for all without throwing them to the wolves or even working with companies to have a living wage so basic needs can be met for all.


Until people start talking about that, including the President, Congress and the state legislatures, they will sound like the adults of Peanuts fame…always making noise but not saying an intelligible word.

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