Listening to Music

Winter Wonderland

Being a born and raised Texan from the Houston area originally, it’s often times hard to understand what a “winter wonderland” is from personal experience.  Therefore, I listen and learn through song…


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I Am Changing

This song from “Dreamgirls” is my favorite!


It makes me think about all the changes I’ve made through the years.  The thought of coming from a low place and making the choice to be better than yesterday makes me get goose bumps…


I guess this song means so much because I think back to how afraid of love I used to be.  I would push people away at the slightest little thing or I would fall HARD and start the process over again of pushing people away.  I’m not going to say that I’m 100% better but I’m definitely better than yesterday!  With each second, each minute, each day and so on, I’m leaving my past behind me…


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Through the Fire

I was listening to YouTube today and I came across a song that I listen to almost all day at work.


Sit back and listen to the words…tell me what you think.


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This song was not very high on the charts at the time but it is beautiful.


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