Some days are definitely better than others. On the good days, you wake with an imagination packed with great ideas and the motivation and energy to get it all done. Other days, you feel like you’d rather stay in your pajamas and watch cartoons, soap operas and talk shows all day.


Whether you’re feeling under the weather, unmotivated, or overwhelmed there are days when everyone needs a little help to be productive. The following tips and ideas will help you have a productive day when you just don’t feel like doing anything.


  1. Start Small – Instead of trying to tackle the biggest and most important item on your list, try working on something small. Success and accomplishment are often motivating. Once you complete your smaller task successfully, you’ll likely have more energy to tackle another task. As each task is checked off the list, you’ll be surprised how much you can actually accomplish. In fact, sometimes the days that start off the worst often end up being the most productive.


  1. Organize Instead – Sometimes procrastination is caused by feeling overwhelmed. Instead of trying to check items off of a list, try organizing small focuses spaces instead. Or if your space is organized, work on organizing business projects.


  1. Brainstorm and Plan for the Future – In your pajamas, curl up in your favorite spot with a pen and a pad of paper. Begin planning for the future of your life or business. You might brainstorm an idea for a new book or begin making a list of content topic ideas for your blog. Maybe it’s time to add a new product or service to your business offerings. Use this downtime to build your future.


  1. Read, Learn, Research – Use the time to catch up on industry blogs, to read books in your niche and to research your competition. Just because you don’t feel like getting things done doesn’t mean you can have a productive morning surfing the internet and learning more about your business and your customers.


  1. Connect With Associates – Sometimes all it takes is an online chat or a phone call to another entrepreneur to get inspired. Often just telling someone that you’re not feeling motivated will help push the feeling aside. Ask your friend or associate what they do when they feel unmotivated. Maybe they have a silly trick that will work for you.


Finally, consider seeking motivation in the form of music or a pleasant walk outside. Sometimes simply breaking your daily routine will help you find inspiration and motivation. Slow days happen. When they do, be prepared to work through them with relaxed confidence.


Did I forget to list a tip that you use? Place it in the comments below…