Better Political Conversations – Is it Possible

“Communication is downright hard at times but at least we’re still talking to one another…”


Since the start of modern-day politics, which is the beginning of 24-hour news, The nation has steadily grown farther and farther apart.


As you will hear in the video below, the thesis is that we can eventually reverse our current state of politics if we just learn how to talk with one another.


Watch the video and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.



Will Burley has worked in the legal field since 2001 as a paralegal and small business owner. Will has an interest in small business formation and management and partners with organizations to advocate for issues that work towards the advancement of those that are disabled, LGBTQ and racially diverse. Will’s hobbies include singing, travelling and being a great guide dog daddy.

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  1. Empathy and respect. I really like that. I also really like the idea that we can create change without politics and without politicians. It just takes listening and the ability to speak to people who disagree with us in terms that matter to them.

    • Hi there Alice! I liked those points as well. I was always taught, that people don’t just think a certain way or act a certain way out of the blue. Everyone has a backstory. If we start with that realization I believe things will get solved much faster. Sometimes it is a struggle. Thanks so much for your comment!

  2. We need to do something to come together. We will never agree with each other about everything, but we should be able to agree on some things. During the first forty years of my adult life most Americans had similar values regardless of party. They wanted to get to the same destination but just disagreed on how to get there. It seems now we are also divided as to the ultimate destination.

    • Hi Barbara. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I truly believe that most people still occupy that space that you remember so fondly. I think the main difference now is the 24 hour media which must create stronger divisions for ratings. Hopefully, we can continue through blogs, talking to neighbors, etc. to keep the communication going. I’m grateful that you chose to post a comment here.

  3. So, it’s not really the 24 hours news cycle (which, if you mean those “all news stations”, the misnomer for the 2 hours news station and 22 hours of opinion sharing). But, it does coincide.
    Consider that Roger Ailes met Richard Nixon right as he was starting his second attempt to (soil the) Presidency. Ailes helped propel Nixon, then Reagan, then Bush 1, and THEN started Fox News.
    While Fox is a scourge, much on MSNBC (almost the opposite end of the spectrum) is not much better.
    But, the real issue is, as our economy becomes more striated, as our government promotes that economic malaise, the American Dream that has cemented our society has converted to a chimera and then a bitter joke. That’s what empowers the AltRight and it’s counterpart the Nihilistic left to dominate our thinking.

    • Dr. Ackerman, Your point is duly noted on the 24 hour “news.“ I believe your viewpoint on how the economy has exacerbated this situation is also sound. Do you have any ideas on how to “break through the muck“ from the right and the left?

      • Thanks for asking, Mr. Burley.
        I have a slew of ideas. Part of the problem is that we (that’s me and you) are so certain that our point of view is the correct one, we too often fail to entertain the notion that there is a degree of truth on both (or more) sides. And, we need to discern where those truths are- and address them together. Top that off with the fact that we can’t bludgeon those that don’t agree with our position into coming to our point of view; instead we need to (as listed above) acknowledge where there is truth in their arguments and explain why (I am assuming that’s true) some of what we say is in alignment with their statements and how our position (or portion thereof) can extend their position to render it more universal.

        It’s not immediate, it does take effort, but that has been the process that afforded our civilization to advance.

        Now, regarding the American Dream and economic prosperity within the reach of all, that is a different issue. Somehow, we have set up an oligarchy, not a representative democracy over the past few decades. We can start by acknowledging that corporations (and LLCs and Partnerships) are legal fictions and NOT individuals. As such, their rights can’t possible trounce those of human beings. Moreover, businesses must shed their insane propositions promoted by Dr. Martin Feldstein that abrograted the social contract that obtained between businesses and their employees and between businesses and their local communities. That would be a good start. Couple that with enforcing the rule about excessive compensation (and not just W-2 wages) penalties (it’s a special income tax) for the top five executives of the firm and disallowing multiples of 200, 300, or 500 for top executive pay ratios to average staff. Then, we’ll start seeing companies reward the employees that actually ARE critical to the success of an enterprise.

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